Schwarzkoff Elementary celebrates 50 years of educational excellence
Schwarzkoff Elementary celebrates 50 years of educational excellence
Posted on 11/28/2016
Students look over a collage of photos representing 50 years of Schwarzkoff Elementary

A lot has changed in 50 years, but the one constant at Schwarzkoff Elementary is that every member of the school community is treated like family.

Recently, Schwarzkoff students, parents, staff and alumni came together to celebrate its silver birthday. .

“As students who go to this school, you are automatically part of the Schwarzkoff family,” superintendent Dr. Christine Johns said to students at an afternoon assembly. “You are part of a blue ribbon school that honors the traditions of the school through service and caring.”

The school is named after Edward Schwarzkoff, a local funeral home director that helped found the Utica Goodfellows, Rotary and Library Association.

Schwarzkoff’s daughter, Elizabeth, said she and her siblings are proud to have the family name represented by a strong community of learners.

“I remember him most by his character,” she said of dad, who passed away in 1965. “In fact, he would be extremely humbled to be here at this celebration.”

Student Ashley Popko said she felt fortunate to be part of the Schwarzkoff.

“I am proud to be a cougar,” she said, referring to the school’s mascot. “I am glad to be in a school that has such wonderful teachers and activities.”

The school’s first principal, Richard LaBaere, said that until the school opened, students attended a nearby school in the afternoon.  Students and staff were excited to finally have a new school once it opened in the fall, even though they had to work around some of the construction workers

“(Mr. Schwarkoff’s) legacy is a living legacy, and it is represented by each one of you,” he said.