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Students drive kindness at Schwarzkoff Elementary
Students drive kindness at Schwarzkoff Elementary
Posted on 03/12/2019
Students surrounding kindness cart at Schwarzkoff ElementaryMs. Moceri and Mrs. Petras classes are trying to bring a little kindness to their school.

Recently the students have participated in a “kindness cart” to promote giving back and making people feel good. With a monetary donation from the Knights of Columbus the activity was created.

With the generosity of the staff, we are able to continue “kindness” every week. The students deliver coffee or hot cocoa to the staff in the building.

On Valentine’s day the students counted and bagged enough candy for the whole school to enjoy.

This activity has brought a variety of skills, manners and friendships within the school. The students just received new “homemade” aprons from a kind donor and another person added “Kindness Crew” to them.

This activity started with a way to show students what kindness is, however it has turned into a school wide appreciation for one another.